The Halle Orchestra – Giggleswick June 2012

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Halle at Giggleswick 

On Saturday 30th June 2012, Giggleswick School hosted a stunning live outdoor picnic concert given by the Hallé Orchestra, one of Britain’s foremost symphony orchestras.

Founded in Manchester by Sir Charles Hallé in 1858, the Hallé gave its first concert in the city’s Free Trade Hall on 30 January of that year. This year, for the second consecutive year, they won two awards at the Gramophone Awards ceremony in London. They and the soloists will be joined onstage by a youth choir from Giggleswick Junior School and by the Giggleswick Choral Society.

The concert presented by Sir Tim Rice  featured soprano Sarah Fox, tenor Barry Banks and baritone Sir Thomas Allen.

The  event was rounded off with a spectacular fireworks display, celebrates 500 years of education in this dramatic Yorkshire setting, the concert was performed on playing fields next to the site of the first school, founded in 1512.

The programme of light classical, musical theatre and operatic favourites, perfect for all the family, has been compiled by the concert’s Musical Director, James Burton and  included works by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Handel and Bernstein, building to the rousing 1812 Overture complete with spectacular fireworks finale.