The 50mm Salts Mill Collection – at Salts Mill Saltaire.

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Salts Mill is a place for art, dining and shopping in one stunning historic building. Parking and entrance is free. Inside you can admire our very big collection of works by David Hockney, be inspired by the very best in independent retail and enjoy our bustling restaurants and cafes. You can also learn about the history of the Mill in our People and Process and Saltaire History exhibitions (but if you’re after a hefty dose of industrial history try Bradford Industrial Museum).

We often offer special events and exhibitions. In recent years we’ve worked with photographer Kevin Cummins, poets Simon Armitage and Tony Harrison, the Yorkshire Fashion Archive and Cloth & Memory to name but a few.

The mill is also a place of work for over 1000 people – home to a variety of businesses from technology to landscape architecture and graphic design. To join us, please see space to rent.

The Mill opened in 1853, the centerpiece of Sir Titus Salt’s utopian vision of Saltaire. He built the adjoining model village to house his workers. Cloth production at Salts finally ceased in 1986, and the following year the mill was purchased by the late Jonathan Silver, who re-imagined it as a place where culture and commerce could thrive together.

In 2001, Saltaire became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO noted: “Saltaire is an outstanding and well preserved example of a mid 19th century industrial town… The layout and architecture of Saltaire admirably reflect mid 19th century philanthropic paternalism, as well as the important role played by the textile industry in economic and social development.”