The Sparrowhawk – Fence

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The Sparrowhawk in Fence is located just off the A6068 on the fringe of the Pendle Forest and is easily accessible from the M65 at Junction 13 in the heart of Pennine Lancashire.

Originally the Sparrowhawk building is thought to be a farmstead dating back to the 17th Century. Quite when the famous stained glass dome was added we’re not sure, but its still here in all its splendour.

Nowadays all our food is fresh & sourced as locally as possible through excellent suppliers to fully embrace the flavours of the region especially Lancashire. Our skilled brigade of chefs endeavours to create a menu designed to suit traditional and more contemporary tastes.

We are Taste Lancashire Highest Quality Assured as well as members of Lancashire & Blackpool Tourist Board and Made In Lancashire.

At The Sparrowhawk we also offer an extensive wine list with examples from both the old and new world. We also sell up to six cask ales, for which we achieved The Cask Marque Award, with regular local guest ales from breweries such as Bank Top and Bowland.

Upstairs there is a separate function room that can accommodate up to 40 people for any private dining or business occasion and we also have a garden to the front where you can sit and bask in the Lancashire sunshine.

Whether you visit The Sparrowhawk in Fence for a quick lunchtime sandwich or a relaxing evening meal you can always be guaranteed a warm welcome and friendly service.