Harpurhey Swimming Pool – Manchester

Exterior sm.jpgcentre stage.jpg23 sm.jpgall in.jpgall tiles.jpgAttention To Detail sm.jpgBalcony Level sm.jpgbanner 07.jpgbath rail.jpgBath Removed sm.jpgBath Time sm.jpgBathers sm.jpgbaths.jpgblack and white.jpgcentre tile.jpgchain pull.jpgchanging rooms.jpgcolour chair.jpgCondensation sm.jpgcondensation.jpgContrast.jpgCorridor Tiles sm.jpgCubicle 14 with bath removed sm.jpgCubicle Light sm.jpgCubicle.jpgDeep End sm.jpgDiner sm.jpgDrawing in sm.jpgEmergency Exit sm.jpgEnd Cap.jpgExit.jpgfarnley.jpgfemale pool  shallow end.jpgFemale Pool Balcony sm.jpgFemale Pool From The Balcony landscape sm.jpgFemale Pool From The Balcony sm.jpgFemale pool quick exit sm.jpgFemale Pool Shallow End sm.jpgGreen line sm.jpgGreen Tiles.jpgharpurhey baths november 4 2010 image 3 sm.jpgharpurhey baths november 4 2010 image 4 sm.jpgharpurhey baths november 4 2010 sm.jpgif ill sm.jpgIn the interests of health sm.jpgladder.jpgLanding sm.jpglife.jpglock.jpglogo pool.jpgLong pool.jpglong shot.jpgLooking To The Male Pool Balcony sm.jpgLooking Towards The female Pool Balcony sm.jpgMain Corridor sm.jpgMale Cubicles sm.jpgMale Pool Balcony sm.jpgMale Pool Deep End sm.jpgMale pool wide sm.jpgMale Side Roof Space sm.jpgMirror me..jpgnight swimming 1.jpgnight swimming.jpgnight swimming6 sm.jpgno diving.jpgnumber 3.jpgold doors.jpgOpen Door Policy sm.jpgopen house.jpgOut Of Use sm.jpgPay Kiosk sm.jpgphil d.jpgpool chair.jpgpool empty sm.jpgpool side bw.jpgpool side.jpgpool sign.jpgpool steps.jpgpool switch.jpgPull Chain sm.jpgRefrain From sm.jpgResigned sm.jpgSeating for one.jpgSeating sm.jpgshallow end sm.jpgshallow end.jpgstained glass.jpg

Images taken 2008

Harpurhey Baths and Wash House on Rochdale Road, which closed as a public swimming pool in 2001, was a focal point for both work and play for many years.

Washer-women undertook backbreaking laundry work in the wash house, while generation after generation learnt to swim in the pool.

Built in 1910 by Henry Price, Manchester’s first city architect, the baths building was listed in 1994 and now forms part of North Manchester Sixth Form College.