The Don Giovani 33rd Birthday Party- Manchester

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The 33rd Birthday Party Celebrations at Don Giovani – Manchester 5 October 2017

Supported Sponsors include:
Sean Maloney
Three Rivers
Hi Spirits
A Magazine
The Lowry Hotel
Rocked Up
Lucky 7
To name a few
Flowers: David Wayman
Balloons: Leanne Brown
Cupcakes: Hey little cupcakes
Singer: Eli Cripps
DJ: Kiddo
Dancers: Sally Smithson & co
Burlesque: Cherie Bebe
Videgraphy: Luis Cross

 Award-winning restaurant Don Giovanni is the oldest independently-owned Italian in Manchester, established in 1984. We’ve proudly been serving fresh, high-quality authentic Italian meals to the people of Manchester for over thirty years.

We are located on Oxford Street adjacent to St Peter’s Square tram stop in the heart of Manchester city centre.