Avant Homes – Sheafdale Grange Sheffield

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This new development offers a selection of our popular new housetypes, all built with the unique Avant specification throughout.

The village of Millhouses is located within walking distance of many shops and local amenities, including a number of restaurants and major retail stores. As well as having all you need for modern living, right on your doorstep, Millhouses is rich in green parkland, ideal for relaxing.

Millhouses Park offers an abundance of open grassed areas, woodlands and gardens. And is complete with boating lake, cafe, football pitches, bowling green, cricket pitch, children’s play area and adventure playground, tennis courts, 9-hole putting course and outdoor gymnasium.

For the days when you feel like exploring slightly further afield, the beautiful Peak District National Park is less than half an hour away. With breathtaking views and fantastic opportunities for cycling, walking and wildlife watching, you’ll never be lost for things to do.

What’s more, with excellent transport links into Sheffield and Chesterfield, and a number of good local schools, Millhouses is the perfect choice for commuters and families alike.

08442 578521

Now open daily between 11am and 5pm