Fairgrove Homes – Doncaster

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This is a Custom Build development and therefore the designs are available with various alternative internal layouts and at different specification levels. To find out more on ‘Custom Build’ and view the plots at Dominion in more detail go to our specialist website www.fairgrovecustombuild.co.uk

Our sales office at Dominion is open every Thursday – Sunday between 10.30am – 5.30pm.
Phase 1 of the Custom Build at Dominion development consists of the following contemporary house designs:

The Harwood
The Hambleton
The Allerton
The Sherburn C
The Wellburn C
The Branswood C
The Roxwood
The Hardale


Fairgrove is a family home building business formed in 1995, by Steve & Christine Midgley and has grown into a regional developer of new homes building upto 50 new homes per year. As a locally run business, we have developed our dedicated small team to ensure we all work to meet our customers’ varied requirements.