Aufguss at the Roof Top Garden and Spa at Rudding Park – With Northern Life Magazine

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Aufguss is a wellness/purification entertainment ritual

The word  Aufguss was quite literally part of a foreign language to me as I gratefully accepted my first glass of sparkling prosecco from the attentive staff at the beautifully surroundings of the Roof Top Garden and Spa at Rudding Park.   I was there to meet Malaysian born Sauna Miester Lay Pang who had travelled from his home in Copenhagen to share his knowledge of Aufguss as a brand new concept to the UK but more especially to Rudding Park.

As I relaxed in my freshly laundered robe while thinking it would be really useful  if the prosecco was in a permanently self filling glass, I was quite content as the warm sun offered solace to the possibility that the glass might not fill itself up.   My moment of heaven was interrupted by the introduction to Pang.

I was intrigued, tell me what is Aufguss?

Pang who is not only a Sauna Miester  but has won competitions and awards for his sauna treatments went on to explain that Aufguss is actually a German word meaning the act of pouring something over something, and in this case we would think of it as Sauna Infusion.

Some experts believe the  idea originally came from the Indians in North America who sprinkled sage herbs over stones.  Europeans and especially the Germans took this idea further and replaced the herbs with oils to pour over the coals.   Two types of oils would be used but Pang explained to me that the use of essential oils over the synthetic ones that can also be used has a great positive effect on the health..  For example Lavender oil is believed to relive migraines’ and headaches.

It was now time for me to experience Aufguss.  As we made our way into the Sauna staff brought in balls of ice which Pang laid on the coals.  As the ice melted  Ylang -Ylang oil was first poured  over the melting ice followed a minute later by Ginger oil.  Pang who was suitably attired in his Sauna suit then proceeded to use a towel in an helicopter type movement above his head to send the waves of oil infused heat in the direction of each guest.   Pang who was a true entertainer then used various methods with the towel  over the next few minutes to make sure every guest had the benefit of the strangely named but highly effective treatment.   Ten minutes later as I relaxed in the heated  infinity pool in the sun with the now miraculously self filling glass of prosecco I felt totally alive yet incredibly relaxed.  Aufguss had gone from being an alien word to a term that represented a little piece of heaven right there in Harrogate..  Would you come back again to experience Aufguss asked Matthew the manager,  “you try and stop me” was my incredibly quick response.