Paris December 2013 – Don’t Be A Tourist

me paris roof sm.jpgnotre dame cathedral 1 sm.jpghotel deville rain sm.jpgAmelie fruit shop sm.jpgancor 11 sm.jpgancor popping the cork sm.jpgeiffell tower 1 sm.jpgbastille tramp 1 sm.jpgbauble sm.jpgchristmas day sm.jpgeiffel me eiffel tower ancor sm.jpgdinner group 1 sm.jpgancor emanuel sm.jpgadrian paris 1 sm.jpgancor tower sm.jpgdover sm.jpgancor sm.jpgeiffel me eiffel tower 1 sm.jpgmarie paris tour guide sm.jpgeiffell tower sm.jpgeiful tower 1 sm.jpgeiful tower 2 sm.jpgfilm set emily 1 sm.jpggoing home 1 sm.jpgeiffell tower ania sm.jpggreek girls sm.jpggroup 111 sm.jpglock bridge 1 sm.jpghotel de ville 1 sm.jpghotel de ville sm.jpgmia emanual sm.jpgice paris sm.jpgmetro entertainment 2 sm.jpgladies of the night paris 1 sm.jpgme emanuel sm.jpgliving on the street paris dog sm.jpgme and mia sm.jpgme and the boys sm.jpgnotre dame cafes sm.jpgme paris sm.jpgmetro entertainment 1 sm.jpgmia 111 sm.jpgmia ania eiffel tower 1 sm.jpgmia annia sm.jpgmia xmas tree sm.jpgmonserat sm.jpgparis group Versailles sm.jpgnotre dame 111 sm.jpgnotre dame cathedral tramp sm.jpgnotre dame ace 1 bw sm.jpgnotre dame ace 1 sm.jpgnotre dame bride sm.jpgnotre dame bridge sm.jpgparis lights sm.jpgsaint paul paris 5 sm.jpgnotre dame cathedral 3 sm.jpgnotre dame cathedral mass sm.jpgsaint paul paris 8 sm.jpgnotre dame cathedral tramp 1 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 4 sm.jpgnotre dame clown sm.jpgparis drinkers sm.jpgparis group Versailles 1 sm.jpgsinging dancing in the rain 1 sm.jpgparis street sm.jpgsleeping rough paris sm.jpgreturn trip 1 sm.jpgstreets paris 2 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 1 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 2 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 3 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 6 sm.jpgsaint paul paris 7 sm.jpgsinging dancing in the rain sm.jpgstreets paris 1 sm.jpgsuccess The Palace of Versailles sm.jpgthe crew eiffel tower sm.jpgthe island paris sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 1 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 10 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 11 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 12 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 13 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 14 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 15 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 16 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 2 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 3 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 4 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 5 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 6 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 7 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 8 sm.jpgThe Palace of Versailles 9 sm.jpgVersailles 1 sm.jpg

Don't be a Tourist

About us

We have studied and worked at the same universities and colleges as you do now. Because we’re quite friendly, we’ve met lots of people from all over the world, and we’ve realised we have a few things in common.

Firstly, we all love meeting people, and secondly, we all love travelling. However, the third thing is a bit of a problem, we all agree that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to meet people and travel in the UK. The buses and trains can be expensive, and the people, although friendly, seem to be very busy.

So, to make life a bit easier (…and a lot more fun!), we decided to start doing trips to some of our favourite places in the UK. We wanted to show you what a lovely place it is, and thought it would be a great way to meet people from all over the world.

We are called Don’t be a tourist because we’re here to help you avoid looking like a tourist. You know… lost, tired, over-charged, stressed. We take you to the nicest places, quickly and safely, our local friends show you all the best bits (all the sights you can think of…plus some you can’t), and then we bring you home again. It’s that simple.

Don’t be a tourist
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