Bellway Homes – Roseberry Manor

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Welcome to Roseberry Manor

Showhomes now open on this popular development – contact our sales advisor for details

Roseberry Manor is a prestigious development of new homes in Nunthorpe, comprising 4 and 5-bedroom detached houses available in a variety of styles. Constructed to appeal to a range of potential purchasers, including families and commuters, all properties are finished to a quality specification. Internally they incorporate modern design features, such as en suite bathrooms, integrated kitchen appliances and open-plan living spaces, while externally, all have gardens and garages.

For families, several well-regarded schools can be found near the development, including Nunthorpe Primary Academy and the Avenue Primary School for younger children, and Nunthorpe Academy for secondary pupils. Post-16 providers in the region include Middlesbrough College, which offers a variety of apprenticeships, vocational and academic courses, and is just five miles from Roseberry Manor.

Shopping locally is focused around Middlesbrough town centre, which has no less than four malls: Hillstreet, Captain Cook Square, Dundas and the Cleveland Centre. A mixture of high-street and independent stores can be found on Linthorpe Road, while Baker Street is home to a growing number of specialist retailers, boutiques, bars and cafés, as well as an increasingly popular artisan food market.

Guisborough, four miles to the east of these new homes in Nunthorpe, provides an alternative shopping destination, with a range of small independents centred around Westgate and along neighbouring streets. This picturesque town hosts a twice weekly market and a monthly farmers market, the ruins of its Norman priory providing a striking backdrop for visitors.

Roseberry Manor is situated minutes from open countryside and is overlooked by Roseberry Topping and the Cleveland Hills, providing an ideal backdrop for hiking, cycling and horse riding. For sports enthusiasts there are two golf courses and a cricket club within 10 minutes’ drive of the development, a junior football club at Marton and Nunthorpe Recreation Ground, 10 minutes’ walk away, and outdoor table tennis at nearby Stewart Park. The park is also home to a children’s play area and trim trail. A wealth of fitness facilities can be found at Middlesbrough Sports Village, among them an athletics stadium, velodrome, sports hall, gym and football pitches.

Major roads within easy reach of the development include the A19 for Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Sunderland, York and Doncaster, and the A171 for Middlesbrough, Whitby and Scarborough. Nunthorpe is the nearest railway station – less than 10 minutes’ walk away – and from there regular services run to Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Newcastle and Carlisle.

Please contact our sales team on 07773 941647 for further information regarding these new homes in Nunthorpe.