The Countess Of Chester, Asylum (Deva)

red yellow sm.jpgHot Seat.jpgbio hazard bw sm.jpgDeva Curtained Light.jpgcom corridor sm.jpgdark ward sm.jpgDeva Art Exhibition.jpgDeva Blocked Communication.jpgDeva Brick Road.jpgDeva Chester.jpgDeva Confinement Cell.jpgablutions sm.jpgDeva Conservatory.jpgbio hazard sm.jpgDeva Contained.jpgDeva Hazzard Cell.jpgDeva Corridor.jpgDeva Courtyard.jpgDeva Devine Light.jpgDeva Direction.jpgDeva Encounter.jpgDeva Exterior.jpgDeva Sealed Communication.jpgDeva Gallery.jpgDeva Hazzard Cell Wide.jpgDeva Illuminated Gate.jpgDeva Link Corridor.jpgDeva Magnetic Light.jpgDeva Path Lab.jpgElvis Lives sm.jpgDeva Privacy.jpgDeva Query.jpgDeva Roofline sm.jpgDeva Secluson.jpgDeva Side Entrance.jpgDeva Skyline.jpgDeva Stairway To Heaven.jpgDeva Stripped Ward.jpgDeva Surrender.jpgDeva Tower.jpgDeva Trapped Light.jpgDeva Trolleyed.jpgDeva Vacant Possesion.jpgwalking tall sm.jpgFire Retardent.jpghazard cell sm.jpglone ranger sm.jpgmortuary label sm.jpgpeeling sm.jpgpickled sm.jpgpickling sm.jpgRed hatch sm.jpgService Corridor sm.jpgShroud sm.jpgStretcher sm.jpgstripes sm.jpgSweeney Todd.jpgtop deck sm.jpgWater Tower sm.jpg


Cheshire County Lunatic Asylum was opened in 1829 on a site in Liverpool Road. The original building, which housed 90 patients, was designed by William Cole, junior, county architect, and was erected under the direction of the county magistrates.  In 1855, the first of a number of name changes occurred when the asylum became Cheshire Lunatic Asylum and in 1870, it became Chester County Lunatic Asylum. In 1889, Cheshire County Council became responsible for the asylum and in 1899 the original name, Cheshire County Lunatic Asylum, was restored.

The early years- of the 20th century saw significant advances in the treatment of, as well as changing attitudes towards, mental illness. These were reflected in developments at the asylum. A new pathology laboratory was opened and in 1914, an annex. was built. In 1921, the name asylum’ was dropped and the name, County Mental Hospital, was adopted.

In 1948 the National Health Service took over the running of the hospital from Cheshire County Council and it was renamed Upton Mental Hospital. In the early 1950s it became Deva Hospital. Following the amalgamation of Chester and District Hospital Management Committee and Deva Hospital Management Committee in 1965, it was renamed the West Cheshire Hospital.

During the 1950s, there were important changes in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, involving the use of new drugs and in consequence the number of in the 1970’s patient numbers were drastically reduced. By the 1980s, less than 4% of the patients were compelled to remain in hospital.

In 1983,- a new general hospital and an accident unit were opened on the West Cheshire Hospital site and following the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales on 30 May 1984, the present name, Countess of Chester Hospital, was acquired.