Avant Homes – West Wood Fields

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May 2017




Be the first to see our brand new specification, featured in our fabulous showhomes opening for the first time this weekend. Apperley Bridge has already proven to be a popular location, with it’s close proximity to both Leeds and Bradford.

We’re very proud of our new showhomes at West Wood Fields and after you seen them, you’ll see why.

With a range of superior new homes for all types of buyers, we have something that will suit your requirements, including a stylish range of three, four and five bedroom semi or detached properties.

Call in this weekend and be one of the very first to see just what all the fuss is about – and find out how easy it is to buy the home of your dreams with Avant Homes!

Selection of internal images from showhomes across the region, all of similar specification to the homes we are building on West Wood Fields.

0127 496 5008

Open between 11am and 5pm daily