The Shibden Mill Inn – Shibden Valley

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For over 350 years The Shibden Mill Inn has been at the heart of life in West Yorkshire’s Shibden Valley. It’s a magical place where generation after generation of locals have enjoyed time well spent with friends and family, sharing in life’s special moments and shaping memories to last a life time.

The Inn’s reputation for warm hospitality, premier gastro dining and first class accommodation draws people to the Shibden Valley from far and wide, and the Mill has naturally become a popular choice for those wishing to savour a sumptuous weekend break or mid-week stay.

Stunning countryside walks are in easy reach, as too the bright lights and city centre shopping on offer in Leeds. From its unique location, The Shibden Mill offers easy access to the very best to be found in this delightful part of West Yorkshire. However there are those who during their stay simply wish to relax and unwind in the beautiful surrounds of this 17th Century property, where once you’ve arrived and unpacked, there’s no reason to leave.

Whatever the occasion The Shibden Mill Inn combines first class service and accommodation of the highest order, to ensure a memorable experience that delivers everything you ask of it, and more.

Great British Pub of the Year
National Champion (GBPA) Best Freehouse
Les Routiers Inn of the Year
Sawday’s Pub with rooms award Winnner