Pinderfields Hospital Prior and During Demolition

pinderfields admin sm.jpgpinderrfields admin entrance sm.jpgaberford road substation sm.jpgpinderfields admin straight on sm.jpgpinderfield no smoking sm.jpgpinderfields 1 sm.jpgpinderfields 2 sm.jpgpinderfields 3 sm.jpgpinderfields 4 sm.jpgpinderfields admin drive sm.jpgpinderfields admin entrance sm.jpgpinderfields april 2012 1 sm.jpgpinderfields april 2012 2 sm.jpgpinderfields april 2012 3 sm.jpgpinderfields burns unit sm.jpgpinderfields car park sm.jpgpinderfields clock tower sm.jpgpinderfields drive in sm.jpgpinderfields entrance sm.jpgpinderfields general hospital sm.jpgpinderfields library sm.jpgpinderfields plan sm.jpgpinderfields rear entrance sm.jpgpinderfields september 28 2011 2 sm.jpgpinderfields september 28 2011 sm.jpgpinderfields towards admin 1 sm.jpgpinderfields towards admin sm.jpgpinderfields april 2012 4 sm.jpg

The collection reports on the demolition of the old Pinderfields hospital in Mid Yorkshire, England. The original hospital building was a wing of the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum responsible for new admissions, diagnosis and provision of treatment. The name of the hospital was suggested by Alice Whaley, the first Matron at the Emergency Hospital. It is noted that a new hospital will be built to be able to offer modern healthcare for the local community.