Annual Members Day – 2011

ruby wax gemma vicky chris sm.jpgPaul Napier, Sue and Chris with the signed pledge from howard assembley rooms 2 sm.jpgvicky cup cakes sm.jpgoh no not him again sm.jpgphil hammond 1 sm.jpgpoetry machine with chris sm.jpgchris with rachel get the world moving sm.jpgfrank evening introduction 1 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 1 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 2 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 3 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 4 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 5 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 6 sm.jpgO’hoolan and tidow 7 sm.jpgruby entrance sm.jpgruby prep 2 sm.jpgruby speech 1 sm.jpgruby speech 2 sm.jpgruby speech 3 sm.jpgchris ruby 1 sm.jpgruby speech 4 sm.jpgfrank evening introduction 3 sm.jpgruby speech 5 sm.jpgruby time for tea sm.jpgphil hammond 3 sm.jpgagm wide sm.jpgannual member day hands in the air sm.jpgask me for a poem gemma sm.jpgask me for a poem sm.jpgc49-vicky cup cakes sm.jpgChris  get the world moving sm.jpgpanel 2 sm.jpgKate with jamie jones buchanan sm.jpgphil hammond 2 sm.jpgsue panel 1 sm.jpgnorthern ballet sm.jpgPaul Napier, Sue and Chris with the signed pledge from howard assembley rooms 1 sm.jpgpoetry machine vicky sm.jpgpanel 4 sm.jpgpoetry machine with solo sm.jpgvicky poetry machine sm.jpgworkshop dance 1 sm.jpgandrew haworth sm.jpgend mental health sm.jpgfrank griffiths with jamie jones buchanan sm.jpggemma with jamie jones buchanan sm.jpghow did it make you feel 1 sm.jpglove arts fistival 1 sm.jpglove arts fistival 2 sm.jpglove arts team sm.jpglucy 1 sm.jpgtricia thorpe 1 sm.jpglucy 2 sm.jpgnorthern balet external sm.jpgscharner 1 sm.jpglucy 3 sm.jpgme with JAMIE JONES-BUCHANAN sm.jpgrachel get the world moving sm.jpgruby wax 1 sm.jpgruby wax 4 sm.jpgoliver with jamie jones buchanan sm.jpgruby wax tricia thorpe and team sm.jpgruby wax tricia thorpe sm.jpgruby wax with penny bustin sm.jpgscharna gemma sm.jpgsocial networking workshop 1 sm.jpgtea party 1 sm.jpgtricia and team sm.jpgtricia thorpe sm.jpg

Welcome to our first Love Arts festival in Leeds. The Love Arts Festival has been brought to you by Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust and the Arts and Minds Network. We are delighted to be partnering with so many amazing art organisations across the city to explore connections between the arts, mental health and wellbeing. Our festival is the culmination of eight fruitful years developing links between arts, mental health and wellbeing through our Arts and Minds Network.

Our aim is to develop the role of the arts in health and social care, whilst enabling people who may feel excluded to take part in the rich cultural life of Leeds. We harness the power of the arts to explore mental health issues such as identity, stigma, social justice and even happiness!

Love Arts