Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP – Bellway Homes

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4 July 2014

The Deputy Prime Minister outlined economic opportunities in Leeds and the surrounding area and the new Northern Futures Project.

Across Yorkshire, you can feel the excitement building about tomorrow’sGrand Départ. Every city, town and village in this region is determined to give the Tour De France the best send-off it’s ever seen. Right from the start, they’ve been committed to making the most of this fantastic opportunity for the future.

Economically, it’s estimated that the race could generate an extra £100 million for the UK’s economy in the years to come and our more immediate target is to create at least £20 million in new trade and investment opportunities across the country.

Already, over the past 3 days, our International Business Festival has given you, as possible investors, an insight into the economic power and potential of this region, its cities and local businesses.

Today’s conference aims to build on that, offering more expert analysis and information about why you should put Leeds and Yorkshire at the top of your list for investment.