Gorgeous Cottages – Dugdales Barn Settle

dugdales barn 1.jpgdugdales barn 10.jpgdugdales barn 10a.jpgdugdales barn 11.jpgdugdales barn 11a.jpgdugdales barn 11b.jpgdugdales barn 12.jpgdugdales barn 13.jpgdugdales barn 14.jpgdugdales barn 14a.jpgdugdales barn 15.jpgdugdales barn 15a.jpgdugdales barn 16.jpgdugdales barn 17.jpgdugdales barn 18.jpgdugdales barn 19.jpgdugdales barn 2.jpgdugdales barn 20.jpgdugdales barn 21.jpgdugdales barn 22.jpgdugdales barn 23.jpgdugdales barn 24.jpgdugdales barn 25.jpgdugdales barn 26.jpgdugdales barn 27.jpgdugdales barn 28.jpgdugdales barn 29.jpgdugdales barn 30.jpgdugdales barn 31.jpgdugdales barn 32.jpgdugdales barn 33.jpgdugdales barn 34.jpgdugdales barn 35.jpgdugdales barn 36.jpgdugdales barn 37.jpgdugdales barn 38.jpgdugdales barn 39.jpgdugdales barn 4.jpgdugdales barn 40.jpgdugdales barn 41.jpgdugdales barn 43.jpgdugdales barn 5.jpgdugdales barn 7.jpgdugdales barn 7a.jpgdugdales barn 8.jpgdugdales barn 8a.jpgdugdales barn 9.jpgsettle july 23 1.jpgsettle july 23 10.jpgsettle july 23 11.jpgsettle july 23 12.jpgsettle july 23 1a.jpgsettle july 23 2.jpgsettle july 23 3.jpgsettle july 23 4.jpgsettle july 23 5.jpgsettle july 23 6.jpgsettle july 23 7.jpgsettle july 23 8.jpgsettle july 23 9.jpg

How have you found working with Gorgeous Cottages?

“It’s been great so far – I found Gorgeous Cottages initially on Facebook so knew they were really strong at Social Media promotion and because they specialise in luxury properties they really understand the market we are targeting. The bookings have been pouring in so far which I have been really pleased with.”

About Gorgeous Cottages

Gorgeous Cottages look after the Marketing and Booking for a range of luxury cottages throughout Yorkshire.  If you are thinking about renting out your property (or are even just at the first stages of renovating a cottage) give us a call on 0844 736 6276 or e-mail info@gorgeouscottages.com