Norwich and Hethersett – June 2013

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Norwich,  The urban area of Norwich has a population of 194,839. This area extends beyond the city boundary, with extensive suburban areas on the western, northern and eastern sides, includingCostesseyHellesdonBowthorpeOld CattonSprowston and Thorpe St Andrew. The parliamentary seats cross over into adjacent local government districts. 132,512 (2011 census)  people live in the City of Norwich and the population of the Norwich Travel to Work Area (i.e. the self contained labour market area in and around Norwich in which most people live and commute to work) is 282,000 (mid-2009 estimate)  . Norwich is the fourth most densely populated local government district within the East of England with 3,480 people per square kilometre (8,993 per square mile).

Hethersett is a large village in the county of Norfolk, England, about 6 miles (10 km) south-west of Norwich. It covers an area of 10.92 km2 (4.22 sq mi) and had a population of 5,441 in 2,321 households as of the 2001 census.[1] In 2013 Hethersett became the first village or town in the United Kingdom to receive a Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for its outstanding contribution to the Olympic legacy and sport and fitness in general.