We are back with another packed weekend! Fresh from the success of the London Crime Weekend, we are bring you the Big Yorkshire Crime Weekend!

Only 30 Limited Spaces Are Available! at the bargain price of £45pp, don’t miss out on your chance to attend this unique event!

Caverley Hall

In 1604 the landowner, Walter Calverley, went insane and murdered some of his children in Calverley Hall. He refused to plead and was ordered to be pressed to death, a method used to try to force a confession. He died without confessing his crime in order to ensure that his estate was not taken from his remaining family.

Oak Avenue

Patricia Atkinson, aged 32, a prostitute, was the second murder victim in 1977 by Peter Sutcliffe. To the police, the Leeds killer had now expanded his territory to include Bradford.

Patricia “Tina” Atkinson, who lived in a small flat, Flat 3, at 9 Oak Avenue, was at the Perseverance, in Lumb Lane, Bradford, on the night of April 23rd, dressed in a familiar outfit of blue jeans, short leather jacket, and a largely unbuttoned blue shirt. She was becoming more and more drunk, and had left the Perseverance and headed up Lumb Lane to stop at another of her regular haunts, the Carlisle, which was only a short walk back to her flat. The manager of the Carlisle had decided she had had enough to drink, and between 10:15 and 10:30 the staff remembered her announcing that she was leaving and watched her stagger towards the exit. She set off in what appeared to be her next destination, the International, and up to around 11:00 pm a number of the ladies of the street remembered seeing her unsteadily walking around.

Peter Sutcliffe was driving through the grim streets of Manningham when he spotted Patricia Atkinson, obviously the worse for drink, banging on the roof of a parked car, and shouting obscenities. He stopped the car and she jumped in without any coaxing, and she told him she had a flat not far away where they could go. They then drove the short trip to Oak Lane. As he was leaving his car, Sutcliffe retrieved a claw-hammer from under his seat and hid it in his coat.

Once inside, after hanging up his coat, he retrieved the hammer and hit her on the back of the head with a total of four massive blows. She fell off the bed and onto the floor leaving lots of blood on the floor. He hit her again and then hoisted her up back onto the bed by picking her up under the arms. Sutcliffe then pulled down her jeans and pants and exposed her breasts. He then began hitting her with one end of the hammer, and clawing her with the other end, leaving oblong marks and grazes that the pathologist, Professor David Gee, would describe as “curious”. He also stabbed her six times in the stomach with a knife as well as some stabbing attempts on her back, and slash marks along the left side of her body. Before he left he threw the bed linen over top of her body.


Friday 3rd March – Informal Drinks Meet up with a Surprise Guest Speaker

Saturday 4th March – Crime Bus! We will take you to some of the infamous crime scene locations of West Yorkshire, while explaining the history of the criminals and the unsuspecting victims. A light lunch will be provided on route, with a mandatory pub stop where you will be invited to join us for a short break before continuing on with the tour.

Saturday Evening (Optional)

In addition to the Crime weekend we are inviting all guests to join us in one of the luxury victorian dining rooms of the Midland Hotel.
Where you will be able to immerse yourself in the rich victorian surroundings while enjoying a
Two Course Dinner & Glass of Wine.
This will be followed by a Guest Talk! 

This is an optional extra for all guests costing only £30pp, and is available to add to your booking when you buy your tickets to the weekend.

Sunday 5th March – Guided Crime Walk. We have arranged for a local guide to take you on a VIP guided tour of some of Bradford City Centres most infamous crimes.

All guests are invited to join us for parting drinks at the end of the tour on Sunday afternoon.

Hotel Acommodation

The suggested hotel for the weekend is The Midland Hotel, Bradford (Forster Square, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 4HU) this is where the H Division Crime Club will also be based for the weekend.

This stunning Victorian Hotel, was built between 1885 and 1890 by the Midland Railway Company, as a showpiece for the railway company’s northern operations, and is of particular architectural interest, with some of the finest Victorian interiors in the city.


Located in the historical City Hall Bradford the Bradford Police Museum provides a unique insight into the history and heritage of policing, criminal justice, civic enforcement and the development of crime and punishment in Bradford from the early 19th century onwards.

The museum situated on the site of the original 19th century police station in City Hall and which was operational between 1874 and 1974 brings together exhibits, documents and memorabilia relating to the history of policing from the inception of the Bradford Borough Police force in the mid-19th century to the present day.

The collection includes Victorian police truncheons, uniforms and a unique photographic archive covering 150 years of policing in the city.

Visits to the museum include guided tours of the original Victorian cells which formed part of the original police station together with a visit to the beautifully preserved Victorian Court room.


The museum is now closed to the public for its Winter break and will reopen on Friday 17th March 2017 at 11am.
The museum will then be open to the public for general admission every Friday (11am-3pm) and Saturday (12 noon – 4pm) each week of the year up until Saturday 18th November 2017.


Private bookings for tour groups are available. We are currently taking group bookings for 2017 (17th March onwards).
Please contact the museum for details