Murder By Gaslight

‘Murder By Gaslight’

The mass migration from the countryside to Bradford during the height of the Industrial Revolution resulted in large numbers of  people existing in abject poverty, thousands being housed in filthy overcrowded rooms and cellar dwellings.  Escape from these conditions for many was a few hours in the public house where alcohol and trouble flowed freely.  The proverbial Demon drink was to fuel much of Victorian crime in the borough including the most heinous of all ‘Murder’.

Murder By Gaslight is an incredible insight into how demoralising and harsh life was between 1847 and 1897  for those living and working in this Industrial boom town during its rapid period of growth.

Contemporary newspaper accounts of the day were incredibly detailed and graphic in their content, it to those accounts we turn to now.

Join us on this trip back in crime to reveal the  lives of people who have quite literally slipped into obscurity,  for the most, their only memorial being an overgrown unmarked grave.