Millenium Mills – London

spillers from afar sm.jpgbulb sm.jpgcatching sm.jpgcurvature sm.jpgd block sm.jpgDawn sm.jpgdockland one sm.jpgdockland river sm.jpgdocklands sm.jpgface sm.jpgH4518.jpghelter skelter sm.jpgveiwpoint sm.jpgholes sm.jpgwiring hell sm.jpglift sm.jpgspillers exterior  sm.jpgmillenium mill side elevation sm.jpglower level sm.jpgMachinery sm.jpgmillenium mill ext sm.jpgnovatel sm.jpgpedastel sm.jpgpipework sm.jpgpotch sm.jpgpots and pans sm.jpgremnents sm.jpgriverside veiwpoint sm.jpgspillers exterior best sm.jpgsunrise sm.jpg

Millennium Mills is currently derelict in 2014 and is situated West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock

Millennium Mills was designed and built by millers William Vernon & Sons of West FloatBirkenhead in 1905 with construction overseen by W. A. Vernon, the principal’s son.  The mills were extensive, featuring two plants, equipped by Henry Simon Ltd, that had a capacity of 100 sacks per hour. W. A. Vernon described the mills in a single word as “palatial”. Vernon and Sons named the mill after their most successful product, a flour variety which they called “Millennium Flour” after winning the “The Miller Challenge Cup” at the 1899 International Bakers Exhibition. The flour had been selected from “the best wheats of the world” and was put through a carefully designed industrial process.   The victory gained Vernon and Sons “world-wide fame” and dominance in the English flour market.