Paddy and Marlon at the former itv studios on Burley Road 2011

padddy and marlon image 2.jpgemmerdale 1.jpgemmerdale filmset feb 22 2011 woolpack 1.jpgemmerdale filmset feb 22 2011 woolpack 2.jpgemmerdale filmset feb 22 2011 woolpack.jpgemmerdale filmset feb 22 2011.jpgemmerdale scene.jpgemmerdale.jpgkaren woolpack.jpgmarlon colne life 1.jpgchris paddy karen.jpgmarlon colne life 2.jpgmarlon colne life 3.jpgpadddy and marlon image 8.jpgmarlon image 1.jpgme and paddy.jpgmarlon image 2.jpgmarlon image 3.jpgpadddy and marlon image 4.jpgmarlon image 4.jpgmarlon interview.jpgpadddy and marlon image 1.jpgpadddy and marlon image 10.jpgpadddy and marlon image 3.jpgpadddy and marlon image 5.jpgpaddy colne life 2.jpgpadddy and marlon image 6.jpgpadddy and marlon image 7.jpgpadddy and marlon image 9.jpgpaddy colne life 1.jpgpaddy memorial garden.jpgpaddy smile 1.jpgpaddy smile 2.jpgpaddy smile.jpgwoolpack behind the bar.jpgwoolpack pumps.jpgwoolpack wall.jpg

Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnock, Emmerdale’s Paddy and Marlon are complete Zombie obsessives.