Robin Hardy – The Wicker Man

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The Wicker Man director Robin Hardy dies

Film director Robin Hardy has died at the age of 86, a family friend has confirmed.

He was best known for cult British film The Wicker Man, starring Sir Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward.

The 1973 film told the story of police sergeant Howie, played by Woodward, who was sent to search for a missing girl on the fictional island of Summerisle.

Hardy, who went on to make follow-up The Wicker Tree in 2011, died on Friday, the friend said.

Last year, Hardy said he wanted to make a third Wicker Man film as a tribute to Sir Christopher.

The Wicker Man was Hardy’s feature film debut, and he went on to direct only two more feature-length films.

Among those to pay tribute was director Edgar Wright, who said his film Hot Fuzzwould never have been made without The Wicker Man’s influence.

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Robin Hardy (born 10 October 1929) is an English author and film director. His most famous directorial work was The Wicker Man.